From the Dean

Welcome to the website of the Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science (RIIS), Okayama University

Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science (RIIS) is a new institute that was established in April, 2016 at Okayama University. Although ideas and research techniques developed in each academic field have successfully been used for orthodox fundamental research, many problems remain unresolved. Accordingly, ideas and research techniques from different backgrounds are essential to solve the problems and to promote novel fundamental research. RIIS aims to make new research achievements by not only deepening but also integrating various research fields such as physics and life science as an interdisciplinary science. At RIIS, some professors invited from abroad lead research group, and many researchers and graduate students from abroad are actively engaged in research. Under the international environment, RIIS aims to create world-class research achievements with strong motivation to develop a new academic field, and to train human resources who will actively work in various fields. A new institute building is now under construction, and foundations of education and research are completing. RIIS will make significant advances by deepening and integrating academic fields.

Yuichiro Takahashi

Director of RIIS