From the Dean

Welcome to the website of the Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science (RIIS), Okayama University

The Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science (RIIS) was established in April 2016 at Okayama University. The RIIS has three divisions, focusing on the quantum universe, photosynthesis and structural biology, and superconducting and functional materials, currently with a total of 40 researchers. The three senior RIIS researchers are Prof. Jun Akimitsu, Prof. Noboru Sasao and Prof. Motohiko Yoshimura. More than 100 students explore their own research subjects here, as the RIIS pursues pioneering discoveries and significant advances in fundamental science and practical applications for a future sustainable society. Current RIIS research projects include (1) neutrino physics using laser spectroscopy, (2) the fabrication of artificial photosynthesis systems, as well as the in-detail clarification of the mechanisms of photosynthesis, (3) the design of superconducting materials with a high critical temperature, and new functional materials for future electronic devices, and (4) the elucidation of the properties of energy storage materials, using a theoretical approach. World-leading scientists in a wide range of specialties (mathematics, physics, chemistry and biological science) are active here at the RIIS; information on their research may be found on this website. The RIIS hopes to build a strong network of international collaboration with overseas researchers. We look forward to having overseas students join the graduate school linked with the Institute and study with us. Through such global collaboration, we aim to build a world-class research institute. We welcome your interest in our Institute look forward to fruitful future collaboration. 

Yoshihiro Kubozono, D.Sc.

Dean of RIIS