Research Associate Positions in RIIS (due Oct. 15, 2016)


Research Associate Positions in Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science (RIIS) at Okayama University, Japan

Three positions for research associate are available in the Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science (RIIS) at Okayama University. This Institute has recently been established at Okayama University to foster research in the areas of mathematical science, neutrino physics, solid state physics, materials science and chemistry, photosynthesis, and structural biology. RIIS is currently seeking a scientist who can contribute to project (1), 'design and synthesis of superconducting materials with a high superconducting critical temperature', supervised by Prof. Minoru Nohara; and two scientists who can contribute to project (2), 'elucidation of the structures and mechanisms of natural photosynthetic systems and their application to artificial photosynthesis', supervised by Prof. Yuichiro Takahashi, Prof. Jian-Ren Shen, or Prof. Takayoshi Suzuki. Scientists applying for these positions must be highly motivated and qualified.

The positions are full time and the initial term is two years; however, depending on research outcomes, the possibility exists for it to be extended until March 2021. Citizens of countries other than Japan are very welcome to apply. The positions are available immediately. Once a decision has been made, this offer will be closed.

Further information about the position associated with project (1) is available by email from Prof. Minoru Nohara (, and information regarding project (2) is available by email from Prof. Yuichiro Takahashi ( Alternatively, applicants can access information from the RIIS website:

Supporting documents (in English only) required for application:

  • A short letter stating which position is being applied for (project (1) or project (2)). 
  • Curriculum vitae (CV), including evidence of skills/proficiency in English
  • Statement of research interest and achievements (2 pages)
  • List of publications, grants, and vision/outlines/plans for future research (2 pages)
  • Two letters of recommendation or two references

All documents should be submitted by 15 October 2016, through the following website: After your submission, please send Mr. Yasushi Katsube of the RIIS staff ( an email informing him that you have applied for a position and submitted the relevant documents.