Superconducting and Functional Materials Division

This division focuses on the understanding and development of superconducting, functional, and energy storage materials. Particular strengths are in the experimental techniques of chemical synthesis and spectroscopy and the theories of superconducting materials, clathrate hydrates, and aqueous solutions.
In the superconductivity section, we search for new superconductors with higher transition temperatures as well as novel superconducting states such as chiral superconductivity, using chemical synthesis, advanced photoemission spectroscopy, and superconductivity theory. The compounds we are studying include (1) borides and carbides, (2) transition-metal oxides, pnictides, and chalcogenides, (3) Ce and Pr based intermetallic compounds. We synthesize new materials using various advanced techniques, such as high-pressure synthesis; observe electronic structure with our advanced photoemission spectroscopy; and predict the existence and properties of new materials as well as novel superconducting states, using first-principles calculations.
The section specializing in new functional materials designs efficient synthetic methods based on organometallic chemistry. These methods provide functional organic materials, such as fused π-electron molecules, to be used as organic superconductors, in field-effect transistors, and as organic photovoltaics.
The energy storage materials section works to understand the physical properties of clathrate hydrates and a variety of liquids, including aqueous solutions, using molecular simulation and statistical mechanics. Current work includes theoretical studies on the stability, formation, and melting of hydrates, and also on the structures and phase transitions of liquid - liquid interfaces.

Research Sector of Physics and Materials Design for High-Tc Superconductors

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