Quantum Universe Division

This division aims to create new fields of fundamental physics that combine atomic physics, quantum optics, mathematical science, and quantum beam physics with cosmology and particle physics. A more specific purpose is to open up the new field of “neutrino mass spectroscopy with atoms” using a “macro-coherent amplification mechanism”, which is a new principle invented and proven experimentally in this division, and also a production technology for quantum coherent targets. The challenge will be to clarify various neutrino-related issues, such as the nature of neutrino mass (Dirac or Majorana), mass hierarchy, absolute neutrino mass, and the CP violating phase, all of which give essential clues to the origin of the matter-antimatter imbalance in our universe. The division creates new research fields, innovative quantum optics using the nucleus, and a coherent quantum beam based on a novel principle, aiming at future development of both fundamental and applied science.

Research sector of Atomic Neutrino Spectroscopy

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Research Sector of Advanced Quantum Beam

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